Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Why Asian Girls?

Since this blog is about what's hot, we won't go into details about personality or culture. This is just about pure and shallow looks baby!

Asian girls are hot because, on average, they're not fat. Chunky thighs = big turnoff. Dolly huge boobs don't do it for me either. I like boobs that will fit in the palms of my hands. ;-) Plus, I am asian. I like my own race!

I really like black hair. Pure blond is nice too. But dirty blond and brunette... I dunno, just seems kinda... busy? I guess I'm more into the simple kinda look, not plain jane, but not too made up.

And of course, on average, asian girls look younger. I know asian girls that are in their thirties that could still pass for a teenager!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Long = Sexy

I like girls with long hair. Some people say that certain girls look better with short hair, but I think those same girls would look better with long hair. The longer the better. When I was in high school, I knew this japanese girl that had hair down to her knees! Wow! Now she was hot. I would have boned her if I wasn't so freakin' afraid of girls back then.

As for colour, I like natural black. I used to be into redheads, but there aren't that many asian redheads around you know what I mean? Asian girls that dye their hair blond, only sometimes look good. No, I think black is definitely "in".

Long straight black hair, no curls, not tied up in a bun or pony tail, (although I dig the school girl look) nothing fancy, natural looking is what I find hot.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Legs, Legs, Legs

What can I say, I love long sexy legs. Long skinny silky sexy legs, that's my fetish. Stockings, pantyhose, over the knee socks, garters and tights, oh yeah baby.

Big thighs = big turn off. Jang E. Ping in her early years (2003-2004) had awesome legs. Kaila Wang has very shapely sexy legs, not the skinny type like Jang E. Ping, but not at all fat nor big. Catherine Hoew aka Lincy Leaw has hot looking legs. Well defined calves are what makes a woman's legs look sexy.

As for stockings, I prefer the more opaque colours. Nice solid whites or blacks. Very rarely do fishnets turn me on. Solid colours seem very rare and more often than not are found on unattractive girls. Not sure why that is. Maybe because they need to put sexy hose on a not so hot girl? Pantyhose is typically not that opaque, but I do like the ones that are really shimmery and shiny like Oroblu or Wolford. Tights patterned or solid, yum, yum. Over the Knee socks, made popular by the movie Clueless were such a hot fashion item, I found it difficult to not get a hard-on seeing girls around me with their short skirts and shapely legs enhanced by over the knee socks. The combination just made their legs look longer. They were so sexy because they just seemed to draw and move your attention towards a girls pussy area.

It's too bad most asian girls are not that tall though. But as long as they're not fat, the right garters or over the knee socks can make them look smokin' hot.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beautiful Hot Asian Girls and Babes

Warning, this blog is about porn! If this is not your thing, then please leave this blog!

There's lots of porn sites out there. There's lots of Asian porn. But more often than not, you get good with the bad. I want to focus not just on hot looking girls, but hot looking girls in hot poses, and hot looking outfits. You've all seen pics of these gorgeous babes in very unattractive poses. The girl is hot, but you just don't feel turned on or excited. I've notice that the girl doesn't have to be nude to be sexy. Sometimes it's just the way they bite their lip or give you a pout.

Girls from Asian4you are amoung the best, but I think Evelyn Lyn is so fine! But we'll look at Jennifer Lee, Jang E Ping, Petchara, Anna Song, Raviporn Lin, Amara, Lin Si Yee, Catherine Hoew, and a whole lot more!

What I write is mostly personal opinion. You're free to comment, but these are just my own personal tastes.